My first year at Sohar UNI

I started studying at Sohar university in 2007. I started with studying foundation courses.
I studied three levels . I started with level one . the first level was very easy otherwise I got
great benefits from it. It was as a basic for me . In the second level my language started
change . actually my teacher was very good and kind teacher he helped me a lot . He
motivated and encourage me to study hard in order to improve my language. Third level was
little bit difficult because we have to do many projects and homework .Also they asked us
to do math course and IC3 course at the same time. IC3 course was so difficult. Moreover, I
have many friends which I met in the foundation year. I remember all of them. I spent nice
time with them.


About life is fine2012

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2 Responses to My first year at Sohar UNI

  1. the story as I passed through.

  2. fatoom89 says:

    Also, I passed through this experince….

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