Life is experience

Almost everyday of everyone life is experience . Everyone can focus many changes in his life. In my whole life I have gained and still make new experiences. In this essay I am going to write about the moat important change in my life and how it affect s in my personality and attitude
When was 18 years old Iimmediately got married after graduation from seconder school . Although I got a very good grade, I could not complete my study at that time.
I .Because I immediately got baby and I have no enough money to pay the studies fees became a lazy woman how only think about house work and taking care of children .
Many years went with a big disappointment . However , the thinking of study was never go from my mind .
When my husband came to me and told me that I could complete my studies at Sohar university was the outset in my new life
He told me that he went to ask about the specialisms that I could register in according to
my degree . There were many English education was one on of them . Actually I spent a long time to decide which specialism is suitable for me . at the end I chose English education. Immediately I started prepare myself to live a new academic life with hope , action and hard working . One the other hand, many people said it is difficult to study while you have family and children but my husband and my parents stood with me and motivated me to complete what I already started . In the beginning I focused some difficulties but by patient and hope I could get over them . Now I am student and mother in the same time . Moreover , every day I get new experiences which teach me many life’s lessons .
. . . . many thing in my life are changing day after day my personality , my attitude and my life style with my family.
Life is fall of opportunities.We should take our chance without hesitation
.and we should work hard in order to take the opportunity. This was a bout the most important change in my life.


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2 Responses to Life is experience

  1. Yes you are right. we can learn a lot from it.

  2. fatoom89 says:

    You are very Lucky…
    Your husband supporting you…

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