Every time I look to sky
I feel that I want to fly
Like a bird when so high
That is what I always want to try.

The health is a wealth. Haiku
We keep it with exercise.
Put it in your mind.

Acrostic poem
Mother is sweet
Only the sweetest one who
Take care
Honestly of
Related to you.

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Life is experience

Almost everyday of everyone life is experience . Everyone can focus many changes in his life. In my whole life I have gained and still make new experiences. In this essay I am going to write about the moat important change in my life and how it affect s in my personality and attitude
When was 18 years old Iimmediately got married after graduation from seconder school . Although I got a very good grade, I could not complete my study at that time.
I .Because I immediately got baby and I have no enough money to pay the studies fees became a lazy woman how only think about house work and taking care of children .
Many years went with a big disappointment . However , the thinking of study was never go from my mind .
When my husband came to me and told me that I could complete my studies at Sohar university was the outset in my new life
He told me that he went to ask about the specialisms that I could register in according to
my degree . There were many English education was one on of them . Actually I spent a long time to decide which specialism is suitable for me . at the end I chose English education. Immediately I started prepare myself to live a new academic life with hope , action and hard working . One the other hand, many people said it is difficult to study while you have family and children but my husband and my parents stood with me and motivated me to complete what I already started . In the beginning I focused some difficulties but by patient and hope I could get over them . Now I am student and mother in the same time . Moreover , every day I get new experiences which teach me many life’s lessons .
. . . . many thing in my life are changing day after day my personality , my attitude and my life style with my family.
Life is fall of opportunities.We should take our chance without hesitation
.and we should work hard in order to take the opportunity. This was a bout the most important change in my life.

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The Cock ,the Fly and the Pigeon

The Cock ,the Fly and the Pigeon

At a small farm there was a cock. He was so proud of himself. He
boasted, ” Nobody is as strong as I am! Even oxen are afraid of me!”
One day, while He was sleeping a big fly flew down on his beak.
With a very bad sound ” Zizizizizi” which interrupted the cock sleeping.
”What is the bad sound? ” he said.
When he opened his eyes he saw the big fly on his beak. ” What is a dirty fly? ” He shouted.
When he opened his wings the fly flew up. The cock went to sleep again.
The fly came back again to sit on the cock beak” zizizizizizi”
The cock opened his eyes and said” I will kill you.” Then he followed the
fly quickly .
Suddenly, he fell down in a big hole. The hole was covered with some
The cock tried to go out of the hole but he couldn’t. He started screaming
”KUKUKOOKOO somebody help me.”
A small pigeon in a tree was watching the cock. She laughed and said
”How strong and brave are you now?”
The cock looked up and saw the pigeon. The pigeon said ”There is no
one stronger than you, so why are you crying?”
” I was wrong.’ ‘ he said.
”Please help me I would be very grateful to you.”
The pigeon was sorry for the cock. She went to ask some pigeons to help
her. They pick up the sticks from the hole. Then,the cock could fly out of the hole.
From that day on the cock became very friendly with all animals in the

Moral: Stay humble, even if you are stronger than others.

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My first year at Sohar UNI

I started studying at Sohar university in 2007. I started with studying foundation courses.
I studied three levels . I started with level one . the first level was very easy otherwise I got
great benefits from it. It was as a basic for me . In the second level my language started
change . actually my teacher was very good and kind teacher he helped me a lot . He
motivated and encourage me to study hard in order to improve my language. Third level was
little bit difficult because we have to do many projects and homework .Also they asked us
to do math course and IC3 course at the same time. IC3 course was so difficult. Moreover, I
have many friends which I met in the foundation year. I remember all of them. I spent nice
time with them.

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Sohar university

Sohar university is the first private university in sultanate of Oman .It is located in Sohar. Sohar is about 200 K M from Muscat the capital of Oman. Sohar university was found in 2001. It contains many faculties.Such as, faculty of huminities and social sciences, faculty of business, faculty of engineeringand faculty of technology.

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Sohar university

Sohar university is my best UN . I like studing at it. I have many friends.I like my friends. I spend nice time with them.

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